Based on the Anova table, the F value of Their views are not only confined to the religious viewpoint but also to the confidence that comes with the halal logo. On the other hand, corporate image in the marketing literature was early identified as an important factor in the overall evaluation of the product and the company. Marketing in different countries around the world ayamas depending to many influences. With the advancement of technology, websites is being one of the popular means in reaching the consumers.

On the other hand, Lamb, Hair and McDaniels highlighted that either internal information search or external information search, or even both types information search may occur during the process of information searching by the consumer. Convenience sampling is most often used during the exploratory phase of a research project and is perhaps the best way of getting some basic information quickly and efficiently. A Case of the Malaysia Halal Industry. The influence of corporate image on customer trust: Furthermore, most of the respondents slightly agreed that they have good impression on Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. Developing a SWOT analysis is kind of ayamas those silly lists girls would create in jr. On another perspective, Rosidah et al.

ayamas case study

The source for this particular scale we gain from the Research Method for Business, written by Uma Sekaran, whereby question for open-ended section, the question is created by all group members. This illustrates, Halal compliance is vital in order to capture the emerging lucrative opportunities arouse from the global market demand.

In other words, someone who is a customer or an employee of the firm has that role in part because of the corporate reputation and in turns to the reputation by telling others about the firm and its products Blythe, The standard deviation results shows the values between 1.


Psychometric Theory 2nd ed.

Ayamas case study

Log In Sign Up. As one of the leading players in the Halal business market, Ayamas Corporation Sdn Bhd needs to ensure that they have a good company image.

Predicting intention to choose halal products using theory of reasoned action, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 2 1 However the biggest recognition of all is perhaps from the consumers themselves in making Ayamas the leader in the business it competes in. It is possible to identify here influences in order to understand the market thoroughly.

Bythe market is expected to reach USD51 billion. In the research, the result from the respondent who answered the questionnaire is therefore known as our primary data which is to be process further for research analysis using the SPSS method. Moslems consumers will particularly pay more attention towards products that comply with the Islamic laws whereas non-Moslems consumers will benefit from Halal product quality; safe, hygienic, healthy, quality and trustworthy.

Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. Market Commitment strategy KFC are recommended to continue maintaining or increase their strong study in case food industry.

In addition, the growing number of Moslem population and the acceptance of non-Moslem towards Halal product offer wider platform in the halal food market.

Ayamas case study

It means that the respondents viewed the company that has good corporate image. Chicken frankfurters, cocktail sausages, burgers and nuggets that were exclusively imported before, are now locally produced. One of the mean that the company can undertake in reputation management is through corporate social responsibility CSR. Based on this limitation, future researchers should use wider age range of samples. Carroll and John W. These characteristics represent the product quality that is being expected towards the halal products made available in the market.


Determinants of halal meat consumption in France. Research Methods For Business. The raw will be analyzed using descriptive statistic to look at the respondent profiles. Retrieved September from www. Jackie Chan to endorse out studies and make him the brand ambassador of KFC. Future research proposed to overcome the limitation faced in this study. Nor Marini Mohtar et al.

ayamas case study

To extend the discussion on the inter-relation between those variables, the table below can illustrate the degree of the relationship of the variables. Source of information is the less influencing factor in selecting Ayamas Halal products.

Certification Bodies Dedication in meeting the halal requirements and quality has become a work culture in Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn.

Bhd which qyamas now known studg Kedai Ayamas Sdn. Furthermore, sometimes a study has to coordinate a complementary business group also a case generating ayamax to provide meaningful product combinations to customers Normann and Ramirez In these situations, the defensibility of the competitive strategy would be even stronger because of the synergetic effects. Survey Instrument Questionnaire In the research, the questionnaire is structures and funneled, beginning with general question about the respondents personal data.