I received traffic for about a month and a half after which the complete World of Warcraft expansion came out so my traffic died. Santosh Shah likes this. Bandicam — Download a cracked version. Blizzard Entertainment, like always, were giving out BETA keys for the new game expansion to players all over and I knew this was my chance to bank on this. When it came to YouTube, I always preferred quality over quantity i.

Then I upload those videos on YouTube. You must log in or sign up to reply here. How much you can earn from CPAGrip? My niche was — World of Warcraft. Hi Raez , First you said If you can able to target countries such as Belgium, France , i can target them since i speak french but i just have some questions: Description in YouTube video The most important part: Feel free to sign up today.

First upload the video but make it unlisted Second try get full video views and likes and shares in social media use freelance websites after geting studh or more publich the video and YTB will see your video new and get a views ans share in short time will think the video is hot and will rank it sorry for my bad language. All it took me was 1K HR views to rank for major keywords. To collect peoples downloading your tool, software or anything, I used to create a small and simple good looking video on Powerpoint or a screen recorder with studdy.


cpagrip case study

RedamrgJun 19, So like everyone else, I went looking for keys and keygens each time until I finally learnt what CPA was. Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members? Stdnt for the thread.

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Once they were uploaded and ready to promote. My niche was — World of Warcraft. They will love to download the file you share on Youtube. Affiliate Marketing Forum AffiliateFix.

Works every damn time.

cpagrip case study

The most important part, how will you generate traffic to your CPA offers? OGads desktop locker wtudy I had a World of Warcraft logo on top but it seems to have vanished.


These are the services I bought for my video to make it rank. Always test things for yourself. GL if you please. No, create an stufy now.

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Oh and, my video is still up on YouTube. When it came to YouTube, I always preferred quality over quantity i.


StdntJun 16, Making the video What do you do when all the videos in your niche are watermarked? What else do you need?

cpagrip case study

StdntJun 19, Don’t Believe, Keep working and find the twist. I also needed to find a good video to see if I could rip it and re-upload it. StdntJun 14, Last edited by a moderator: You make your cass.

I knew I was onto something. StdntJun 18, But this can be a learning experience for all you CPA enthusiasts out there. Writing a good description and make a good video is always very important part to attract peoples.

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Do you already have an account? I was told that the majority of YT traffic are desltop, can it work on mobile version too? A chrome browser with the vidIQ Vision extension.