Life Sketch and Contribution to Indian Economy. This was shown in his comments which became increasingly aggressive. Service to his country was the greatest principle of Naoroji’s life, and he is still revered in India for that. Mehrotra has uncovered a detailed transcript of the first Congress revealing that Naoroji advocated something very close to self-rule at that meeting: This body naturally increases in influence Naoroji presided over two earlier sessions of the National Congress, but his most important presidency was in at the Kolkata Calcutta Congress, when Congress first called for swaraj self-rule.

Engagement with Princely States Naoroji now drew one more important conclusion from the drain theory: Other Members of Perliament: During his previous periods of residence in the United Kingdom, Naoroji had taken on the mantle of a representative on behalf of Indian interests and make use of institutions such as the East India Association to bring together political elites connected with Indian affairs. Dadabhai Naoroji was born on 4 September in a Parsi family. Maneckbhai, his daughter and grand-daughter Dr. However the money from these services were being drained out of India; for instance the money being earned by the railways did not belong to India, which supported his assessment that India was giving too much to Britain.

Naoroji serves as an excellent example of this phenomenon.

His speeches were followed keenly in India, and he was invited as president of the Indian National Congress in Lahore. In his keynote speech he demanded “Swaraj” or Self-Rule from the British, which delighted the Congress attendees and the Indian public. Secondly, Naoroji relied upon the concepts of princely state autonomy in order to illustrate how self-government would benefit both India and the empire, dadabahi which India would maintain a loose affiliation.


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Today the Dadabhai Naoroji Roada heritage road of Mumbai, is named after him. All [the Europeans] effectually do is to eat the substance of Haoroji, material and moral, while living there, and when they go, they carry away all they have acquired.

He organised the Indians living in London and formed the Indian Society. He also politely declined the Shah of Iran’s offer to decorate him.

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Modern Language Association http: Letter Writing Letter to your landlord asking him to get certain repairs done in the esway you are occupying, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class Dadabhai Naoroji’s work focused on the drain of wealth from India to England during colonial rule of British in India. Tweet Share Share Share Share. His only son and his mother died while he was in England. Inhe attended the International Socialist Congress in Amsterdam where, along with Hyndman, he spoke on the need for Indian self-government.

He died at the ripe age of 92 on June 30, Indian labour would be more likely to spend their income within India preventing one aspect of the drain. Thirdly, India pays for Britain’s civil administrations and occupational army.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Educational Institutions in India New Delhi: Significantly, many of his colleagues—such as Hormusji Wadya and Kazi Shahabudin—remained involved in the governance of princely states.

essay on dadabhai naoroji

On 27th JuneDadabhai sailed for Dadanhai to join the first Indian business firm of the mercantile Cama family. For the rest of her life, Maneckbai remained a close companion and mentor to Dadabhai.


essay on dadabhai naoroji

Naoroji died inbut left a legacy of influence that touched such great Indian figures as Mahatma Gandhi. So inspired were his associates that one teacher considered him the “guarantee of India.

(PDF) Dadabhai Naoroji and the Evolution of the Demand for Swaraj | Dinyar Patel –

Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi, who was fighting for Indian rights in South Africa, considered Dadabhai as his Guru and constantly sought his advice through letters. I believe that we can trace such elements as far back as the s, when Naoroji first began articulating his drain theory.

He was the first Indian to be elected a member of the British Parliament—inas a Liberal.

British Critics of Empire, Cambridge: Injustice on indian to dadabhai naoroji became a brief biography and lokmanya tilak. The British people did not -wait for their parliament”.

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As a result, he caught the eye of the gaikwad of Baroda, Mulharrao, who in offered the diwanship of his state to Naoroji. Dadabhai felt that the British misrule of India was because of ignorance of the way of life and needs of the Indian people. Sir Dinshaw Wacha in a speech full of feeling said: Hyndman prophesized violent revolution in India if political change did not happen. The report of the commission was important in shaping Indian fiscal practices.