Jun 24, Ryan rated it it was ok. They argue that Japan has enjoyed economic success because its schools turn out workers with strong basic skills, primarily through an emphasis on work. Homework is after all work that a student does at home. Did they send homework by e-mail to their grandparents, who did the work and returned it early the next morning? It seems to be geared towards both parents and educators.

Alas, it was not to be. For others, homework almost becomes what one critic has called the pedagogical equivalent of the Lexus. Do we allow our children to exercise these selves? But if many corporate workplaces overwork and understimulate our best minds and if such exploitation is the root to long term economic decline, then re-examining the demands made by both schools and workplaces is appropriate. Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff. Trivia About The End of Homewo They claim, with even less documentation than earlier studies touting homework’s academic merits, that homework may not produce better test scores for grade school students, but it is the only way to sow good study habits.

Virtually everyone in this society has a homework story. Even supporters of homework acknowledge the problems of research on homework. What parents and teachers really mean by parental involvement [Online].

The End of Homework by Etta Kralovec, John Buell | : Books

Schools where homework assignments are rigorous and long are not merely a tool to master kralovwc global economy but a badge of educational and social excellence. Fast families, virtual children: To teach to standards means to teach in a more tightly controlled system, leaving no room for an unknown variable—the black hole of homework—in the education process.


etta kralovec the end of homework

Homework supporter Harris Cooper acknowledges that “the conclusions of past reviewers of homework research show extraordinary variability. Homework reform is unlikely to take root until educators can not only understand its limits but also have clearer notions of how schools and classrooms can be organized without extensive reliance on homework as we know it.

As the homework load erta and studies show it is increasing these family priorities are neglected. The End of Homework is not really targeted at an age group. Oct 07, Jennifer Taylor rated it did not like it.

Politicians call for grading parents on their ability to help with it.

The End of Homework

Today, few question the need for homework in preparing children for their future. I can’t imagine a life without giving homework to my students, but I picked up this book hoping it would illuminate the path towards no more paperwork.

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Either homework is of no educational value—in which case why is hpmework doing it—or we are committing the worst form of educational discrimination by differentiating academic programs on the basis of economic class. Additionally, families need time to constitute themselves as families. Work is rewarded and the young are seen as future bearers of our culture.

Found it informative, makes one wonder why homework is so stressed as important and this is coming from a teacher! Understanding students’ mistakes is a crucial part of the teaching process. Marshall rated it it was amazing May 25, An exploration of the history of homework must place ettta history in the large context of the history of work itself. School-Age Review, 2 118— In addition, the Japanese school calendar has longer school days, longer school years, longer lunches, and longer recess periods.


Simply sending work home and observing the results in school often makes it hard for teachers, students, and parents to really understand the roots of both academic success and failure. National Geographic Kids Dream Journal. More homework makes parents put their own agendas on hold etya as they often struggle to help their children cope with homework assignments. Instead of eta homework you could be doing other things that are just as educational but much more interesting.

etta kralovec the end of homework

Any reason why I can tell you is in this book. Those who call homework into question want to dilute the curriculum and kowtow to the inherent laziness of students. krlovec

etta kralovec the end of homework

We were fortunate enough to be part of the debate. White middle-class parents kgalovec the past decade have increased their time at work by nearly six full-time weeks a year.

I hardly know anyone in my business doing fewer than that. Many Japanese leaders worry that workers spend so much of their lives in narrow cognitive tasks that they are unlikely to be broadly creative. Relational Discipline by Bill Page.

Teaching and learning in Japan. I had very few objections with the authors’ general arguments in “The End of Homework”.