Other technologies still need to be selected e. As most companies grow their business and correspondingly grow their networks, the number of configuration items grows geometrically with the size of the networks. Using Twitter As Twitter has become an important staple for mobile communications, some systems such as PerleVIEW enable administrators to set-up Twitter feeds for these notifications. Internal communication between components in the client is managed through local methods calls and does not need particular support Create a module dedicated to access the time servers in the data layer of the Service Application reference architecture The service agents component from the reference architecture is adapted to abstract the access to the time servers. As information networks grow in size and businesses expect greater uptime and performance from their network backbone, there is an increased need to proactively monitor activity, notify when or before problems occur and provide alerting to administrators. Establish iteration goal by selecting drivers This is first iteration in design of a greenfield system In this iteration, the architect must be mindful of the following:

In fact, many of these databases are redundant, in order to increase the robustness of the system to normal faults. Serial Cards Parallel Cards. It avoids the time-consuming tasks of operators or their displacement in local. These can be filtered by various criteria such as type or severity UC When a fault or event occurs, the managed device will send an event-alert via a standard protocol-based SNMP trap. The company also bring in new applications of communication to people who are out of reach of terrestrial network in government sectors and commercial sectors as

This way the NMS may continue to manage the entire network and at the same time take advantage of the specific features and functions that are best served by PerleVIEW. Collect performance data Network performance stuxy delay, offset, and jitter is collected periodically from the time servers UC Easily perform firmware updates to a large number of devices through simple deploy device firmware tasks.

Pro-active Monitoring Relying solely on receiving alerts from the remote entities to monitor device health is not full-proof, as the network device could in fact be powered off and never be able to send an alert.


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Sketch views and record design decisions Fcapps about the relationships between some elements in the diagram that is worth recording is summarized in the following table: Navigate the entire device collection by name, IP subnet, device type, hardware type, health status or even your own custom group. In the late twentieth century, the liberalization of telecommunications monopolies brought in serious changes in network management.

By incorporating a centralized management system, where all of the network administrators and operators can access, these variations are virtually limited. World without FCAPS- ViaSat Case Study Introduction The network management is the set of activities dedicated to the control and surveillance of the telecommunications infrastructure of a company or operator.

fcaps case study

The network growth has also assumed that the databases that are distributed over multiple servers. Enable your IT organization to focus less on daily maintenance and more on meeting future business needs by choosing Perle as your complete Managed Media Converter, Ethernet Extender and Industrial Switch Solutions Provider.

Sketch views and stuyd design decisions The diagram in Fig. If the managed device is down or inaccessible, the management system will know immediately.

case study fcaps report

These can be set up as on-demand or scheduled. Published by Terence McDonald Modified about 1 year ago. This enables the client and the managed devices to exist on separate unconnected or firewalled networks.

Problematic devices are highlighted, along with the logical regions where they are grouped. This is helpful in achieving QA-6, even it is not one the drivers.

Becuase it directly supports the core business UC QA-3 Identification of the elements derived from the deployment pattern that will need to be replicated QA-4 No relevant decisions made, as it is neccessary to identify the elements that participate in the use case that is associated with the scenario CON-1 Structuring the system using 3 tiers will allow multiple clients to connect to the application server.


These technologies have been developed in different programming languages?? The heterogeneity of the teams involved within the same network and the slow process of standardization has meant that each vendor has been developing software management tools in a different format of incompatible databases in many aspects. Registration Forgot your password?

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Sketch views and record design decisions Step 7: Easily find your target device in the navigation pane. This offers additional flexibility to the enterprise and assurance that the notification will be received.

The parameters are sent to the device and are also stored locally UC This log can be viewed on-line or exported as a. When a fault or event occurs, the managed device will send an event-alert via a standard protocol-based SNMP trap.

fcaps case study

Users can create their own customized reports using standard SQL database tools such as Crystal Report. The protocol is added successfully without any changes to the core components of the systems UC-5 QA-3 Availability A failure occurs in the management system during normal operation. W Design should have following quality attribute: Perform Analysis of Current Design and Review Iteration Goal and Achievement of Design Purpose The following table summarize the design proress using the Kanban board technique Not Addressed Partially Addressed Completed Addressed Design Decision Made during the Iteration QA-2 Introduction of a time server access module in the data layer on the server application that encapsulates communication with the time servers.

fcaps case study

These can be filtered by various criteria such as type or severity UC The list events from the last 24 hours is displayed within 1 second UC-3 QA-6 Security A user performs a change in the system during normal operation.