Shaker , Aachen [Habilitation] , Wang, Yongqi: A key challenge in the design of the framework is the objective of making minimal assumptions about the observed behavior type while dealing with a potentially infinite number of system states. Conservation laws of helical flows. The heat transfer during drop impingement is of particular importance in spray cooling which is a promising technology for the removal of high heat fluxes at a small temperature difference. Allerdings ist die Interpretation dieser Tests durch das Fehlen geeigneter Diagnosewerkzeuge entscheidend behindert. Ring or spiral bonds are not permitted.

Die Erweiterung kommt ohne Hinzunahme von nicht-relativistischen Annahmen aus. Peter and Weigand, Prof. Downloads Downloads per month over past year. The institutional repository TUprints offers all members of TU Darmstadt the opportunity to publish scientific research papers as electronic first or second publication. Within this work, the measurement systems as well as the test circuit have been commissioned and tested.

Mit der Simulation der Ausbreitung elektromagnetischer Wellen in einem rotierenden Referenzgebiet wird eine Anwendung diskutiert. Downloads per month over past year.

Heat transfer and evaporation during single drop impingement onto a superheated wall

Application of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Intake in the library catalog search engines, databases. Since then, this area of research has witnessed many new theoretical results and technological advances, which made it possible to realize a large scale of applications using techniques from SMC.

ulb darmstadt dissertation

The coordinate-free formulation in terms of geometric algebra enhances explicitly relativistic, i. This prevents phase separation and favours uniform distribution of Mn ions in the ZnO lattice. On the other hand, our computational framework consists of secure protocols that allow to perform all arithmetic operations on encrypted values encoded in this representation scheme. At the same time the detailed information provided by the simulation are employed to identify the dominant phenomena governing the heat transfer during the entire impingement process.


Publishing by ULB 5. Moreover, many studies on pool boiling heat dissertahion have demonstrated that the evaporation at the 3-phase contact line, where the solid, liquid, and gas phase meet, might contribute significantly to the overall heat transfer.

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Template-assisted synthesis and characterisation of quasi-one-dimensional ceramic nanomaterials. A good agreement of the dissertatino predictions to the measurements is achieved. Firstly, we give a thorough theoretical complexity analysis which compares the two approaches in terms of computational and communication complexity. Evaporation is accounted for at the surface of the droplet.

Peter and Weigand, Prof.

ulb darmstadt dissertation

However, one class of applications has barely been touched in the past 25 years: A successful attempt to alter the geometry of silicon-based ceramic nanowires by means of anodic alumina pore size disdertation has been made.

Due to coordinate-free formalism and encoding the movement of the observer in 4D mesh’s geometry, derivation of the numerical scheme for rotating observer’s resembles the one for inertial stationary observers.

Thereby it is made use of the great advantage of numerical simulations that any parameter can be controlled individually without any additional dzrmstadt. Find further information about electronic publishing and open access at TU Darmstadt on our website.

Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values

This includes on the one hand a representation scheme which allows to encrypt values stored in this representation. Furthermore, a best practice has been defined for future investigations.


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We further compare the two different approaches with a basic scheme for a fixed point representation, showing that both approaches indeed outperform the fixed point representation for computational problems of typical size.

How do I also publish my habilitation thesis electronically? Downloads per month over past year. Dynamics of high-speed-resolved wing and body kinematics of freely flying houseflies responding to directed and undirected air turbulence. What should the printed copies look like? This thesis is aiming for the numerical simulation of the impingement process of a single droplet onto a wall which is superheated against the fluid’s saturation temperature corresponding to the bulk pressure.

Further information on the process of promotion and publication can be found on the website of Department II. Upload document and enter metadata 3. Die Erweiterung kommt ohne Hinzunahme von nicht-relativistischen Annahmen aus. Ulh, the present thesis deals with the development of a suitable test environment to investigate