It’s from Scholastic Scope – Septemeber. This assignment is due December 4! Remember -these are YOUR notes, so they don’t have to be in complete sentences. Students will share their persuasive essays with classmates 3. This week students were able to go to the library to check out books. Students will plot “The Three Little Pigs”. I am also offering a reward to the class that has the most time logged on Myon.

Complete a “Who Am I? Practice Point of view; overhead; homework sheet 4. Think about which events were most important during this time period in history. Read “Fake News” Article from Scope – front load definitions. Subscribe To Mailing List..

Document your test scores if you take one. During times of direct instruction and independent practice, if you wish to ask a question for clarification, make an appropriate and relevant comment, or need assistance than please raise your hand and wait patiently. I can complete of sentences structure sheet 2. Complete the poetry portion of the midpoint assessment.

8th grade- CHMS

Missing Pie activity; circle nouns; begin rewriting paragraph using adjective, adjective phrases 2. Read for 20 minutes each day.

There will not be an Art Club meeting this week. We will continue to read How They Croaked in Class.



I will be giving students time in class to work on this assignment on the laptops. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

8th grade homework chms

Next Week students will complete their first true assessment. Complete the plot diagram on “The Monkey’s Paw”. Complete quiz on Literary Devices pink 2. Students will have 90 minutes to read their selection and develop their presentation.

They are to gomework the book and then complete a computer based test on the novel. You will not homesork able to leave the class to search your locker for your homework. Use the questions in your Note and Notice foldable to annotate the text.

What are some of the important symbols from ancient Egypt? On Wednesday, May 29, from 4 to 7 p.

Community House Middle School

Mandatory meeting for parents of the June Washington D. Respond to Big Question; share; discuss 3.

8th grade homework chms

Complete the last portion of the 9 weeks assessment. Dear Parent, Welcome to an exciting new school year! Shoffner from the place of their choice majority rules.

Voting for my Future to be Drug Free: Re-read using notice and note grads annotate text.


Students will be doing some research on gangsters this week as it pertains to the first chapter of our book, and I firmly believe that background knowledge increases comprehension. Among The Hidden 3. Get plenty of rest. READ – “How Hoverboards Work” – To get full credit, write complete sentences where instructed and use your argument essay format to help write the written response which is the last question on the handout.

8th grade homework chms

Read 20 minutes daily!! Locate and explain signposts in reading. Has the article changed any of their minds about the big question? King Tut, Grase Cesear, Cleopatra.

Faculty & Staff

Complete pg 2 of root – MANU. Tee’s Cakes and Pastries Cupcake Shop. This week students were able to go to the library to check out books.