Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But it was the height of his political career in Opposition and made him a legend in the minds of many. Many have built their own homes, have bank accounts, established themselves in business and pay government taxes. Also, Britain has repeatedly stated that it will not stand in the way of any country wishing to declare its sovereignty. You do not need a Table of Contents.

Britain, the mother country, helped to formulate the UN charter and can, therefore, be said to subscribe to its principles. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But use the folder type recommended by your teacher. Political and economic factors alike clearly indicate that this country has a very serious obligation to itself, and indeed to the rest of the world, to assume its place and to participate in international affairs. The Bahamas will enjoy the advantage of its own representation overseas, thus dealing directly on political, legal, monetary, cultural and other matters without recourse to the United Kingdom. Describe the opposition that was mounted against the independence movement in The Bahamas leading up to the General Election in

You can not find detailed information on Black Tuesday online. In the elections the Progressive Liberal Party polled a total of 32, votes whilst the United Bahamian Party polled only 26, In completing your answers always comment on and evaluate the sources. You must write the question out in full then begin answering underneath it.


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Approximately half of the female population are working women, many of whom are the entire support of their families. It can be handwritten or typed. Sir Lynden said that the thousands that came out that day were not planned. It is best to have it typed if your handwritten is not the most legible. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Notify me of new comments via email. Completed coursework should be about to words.

Study Sources C and D. Maternity Fashions Clothing Store.

bgcse history coursework questions

The name Black Tuesday is said to have been coined by Arthur Foulkes. You are to write a detailed story questioms the Black Tuesday events Place your coursework in a folder when it is complete. You must write the question out in full then begin answering underneath it.

You have to integrate and synthesis the histody to make an answer that is uniquely yours. Do these sources prove the view to be true?


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bgcse history coursework questions

This capability depends on independence and is essential if The Bahamas is to attain the significance and respect which our nationhood commands and our strategic position commends. Cursework are two accounts of Black Tuesday but these accounts are too short.

Include a bibliography a list of the books, websites and articles referred to or used.


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Some schools also like for the folders to be the same colour. Why did many people in think that independence was a good idea for The Bahamas?

bgcse history coursework questions

You do not need a Table of Contents. For instruction on how to answer the question on The Quiet Revolution or for help with research in regards to the question on The Quiet Revolution respond to this blog post or write me at augustusmoncur gmail.

Conscious of the riot that happened inthe Progressive Liberal Party led the crowd from Bay Street south. There would be countries like Abaco which would not want to associate with the rest of The Bahamas simply because there has not been sufficient preparation.

If you have not answered at a level which will give you the maximum number of points ask the teacher to recommend how you can ciursework to get the maximum points. Explain how the general elections and the Constitutional Changes influenced the results of the general elections. This site uses cookies. courrsework

Study ALL the sources before answering the questions.