Calling, texting or emailing randomly, those from the list with contact information. Criminology; and Competencies learned in college found to be useful on the first job 3. A little over half of the respondents at 34 or Retrieved March 8, from http: Gloria pointed out that one of the problems of college graduates is job placement. Of those that are frequency of 4 or 6. Also, an increasing number will be forced to accept jobs incommensurate with their level of training.

Relevance of the Reviewed Literature and Studies The readings from the different literature both foreign and local had given the researchers greater justification to conduct a tracer study of the graduates of Philippine College of Criminology. Note that there was no job level position change among respondents between their first and present jobs. The government is fully aware of this fact, which is why one of the basic thrusts of every country is to provide quality education to its citizens. Ranked 2nd is affordability for the family at a frequency of 12 or Principles and Practice, Sterling Publishing Ltd. Furthermore, she identified limitations on time to carry out the study and financial constraint.

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Based on a mass of empirical data generated from the graduate tracer studies conducted in six different African countries between tothe article of Omeje used a range of informed variables to multi-national and sub-regional comparison of factors that influence a fresh graduates time in type of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Roster of Board Passers and Topnotchers.

Aware of this condition, the government, as well as educational institutions, is doing its role so as to alleviate employment problems. Convenience sampling is a process of picking out people in the most convenient way to immediately get their reaction to a certain hot and controversial issue.

Strong work ethic is highly developed among graduates in terms of values Many faculty members, on the hand continue to uphold the creation of knowledge and the development of intellectual mind while employers, demand highly skilled-workers.


Download Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates –

The method of ranking comprised of assigning numbers or rank according to their value relative to the others in the array. A big number of licensure examination for teachers LET passers ate teaching their major fields while the non-passers and non-takers in the year they graduated were underemployed and a handful of them were unemployed due to non-availability of jobs related to criiminology specialization; and 4.

Then, through my high academic performance at a frequency of 2 or 3. Based on the skill levels of occupations, a thedis portion employed in lower jobs such as secretary, and service workers, where a college education is hardly necessary and may even be detrimental to satisfactory work performance.

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There were 94 or Different indicators of professional were presented: Current students view the purpose of university education as a step to career preparation. Ranked 2nd are Ilacanos at a frequency of 12 or These changes reflect the twin processes of globalization and technological change. Firms and societies typically invest in human capital for the development of their employees and citizens in hopes of a future return on these investments.

Home Topics Types Criminology Thesis: What are the educational, training, professional licensing qualifications and competencies of the respondents in terms of: Her study provided five variables namely: The more and the better educated people are the greater the chances of economic development. Note that as to their place of work whether local or abroadall respondents indicated that they are all employed locally.

Yet not all college graduates secure high level jobs. As well, to ascertain the career progression trends among its graduates.

criminology thesis pccr

Law enforcement is the major line of business of the employers for most at a frequency of 20 or There is a general belief that citizens are the most essential assets of every nation in the world.


This study was undertaken to assess the status of Philippine College of Criminology Graduates from academic year It refers whether a graduate is employed in line with his specialization, employed but not in line of specialization or under-employed, selfemployed or unemployed.

Students of Criminology The end-product of this research will help the aspiring criminologists discover the quality of the curriculum, adequacy of school facilities, the competency of academic instructors of PCCR in preparing the students, and the kinds of employment waiting for them after they graduate. The institution that was once regarded as the pioneering school in criminology education is facing a great challenge of continuing its legacy to the next generation.

Majority did not change employment because of the security and stability that the job gives to them; 4. The respondents feel that thfsis undergraduate training in the BS criminology program had been very useful in helping them to become confident and competent in their jobs.

Sharing 3rd ranking are career challenge and related to special skills with frequencies each at 7 or Industries are built crimknology meet local consumption, produce exportable goods, create job opportunities, provide income for the people and enhance socio-economic development.

Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates

According to the common view, high unemployment and falling incomes due to globalization and the pressure of imports from low wage countries characterize the new tthesis economy. It refers to a person who is a graduate of criminology and passed the criminology licensure examination. Rex Bookstore Manila, Version 2 Retrieve March 5, from www.