It is difficult to describe the weight of eiderdown in a language in which the epitome of lightness is a feather. It is then stuffed into pillows, duvets and clothing sold in Japan, China, Germany and Russia. Our honeymoon had a trajectory now, whatever followed had to make up for this. My wife was no better but also no worse, having slept 12 hours. Mark Clemens December 28, The etymological root may indeed be the French verb essayer , but the assumption that this means some sort of formless improvisation is way off the mark. Iceland has not yet struck oil, but it does have untapped reserves of hydroelectric and geothermal power, which the government is looking to exploit and export.

Opinion Show more Opinion links. Somewhere are ill-advised rooftop photos of the wedding party, feigning coatless mirth. Chickens were butchered at Grand for most of the 20th century. While a windfall in English evokes falling fruit, its Icelandic translation is a stranded sea mammal, a gift of free meat. When I left our sickroom for some necessity, I looked like any other New Yorker, head down, shoulders hunched, walking as fast as I could. A tourist contracts a place like an illness. A neighbourhood is a context — people, institutions — and Soho , they tell you, is no more.

Maps and itineraries were thrown out, we could do anything we liked, including nothing. It would have just held all the cages at Phoenix Poultry. The winner will receive: Search the FT Search. We would exaggerate our beliefs in order to fight about them, though later we had trouble putting them back in proportion.

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Long before we separated, we knew what it felt like to arrive somewhere and find your expectations thwarted. Critics of the scheme claim that the environmental and financial price was too high for the several hundred jobs it created.


His bedroom, which he lent to us, eiderdoown very long and tapered to a point so sharp only one person could stand in it at a time. Companies Show more Companies links.

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Markets Show more Markets links. To increase the production of feathers, a goose farmer may find it profitable to wrench them from a bird while it is still alive.

Halfway into it she bolted for the bathroom.

Like illness, like iederdown, history is an exercise in disorientation. In the Middle Ages, pelicans were thought to pierce their own breast to draw blood to feed their young. Iceland Add to myFT. The exact nature of the operation was the subject of a court case, wherein one of the Balls swore to his ignorance of the matter.

Even if we resist change, try to hoard memories, they leave us. This backfired somewhat inwhen their tenant ran a brothel on the top floor.

Be a global citizen.

Mark Clemens December 28, How to enter Please click here to enter your essay for the prize. It is bracing to picture one of its celebrity tenants — Winona Ryder, say — cracking a window on a eszay day to be met with the noise of chickens, the reek of festering gristle. You can almost step on them.


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The etymological root may indeed be the French verb essayerbut the assumption that this means some sort of formless improvisation is way off the mark. Eiderdown, sold off cheaply, seems to be just another chapter in this story. The most spellbinding practitioners — Orwell in particular — manage somehow to preserve the impression of impulsive self-discovery, illuminations proceeding as the piece unfolds.

Markets Show more Markets links. Before the Balls, around the civil war, Grand slips out of focus.

In Charles Wendell Townsend, a physician and amateur eiderdoown from Massachusetts, became obsessed by the Icelandic method while investigating the declining numbers of eiders in Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. The judges will be looking for a dynamic, authoritative and lively essay of no more than 3, words in English.

This is the finest down in the world and we are exporting it in black garbage bags.

eiderdown essay ft

National and regional chains in multistorey incarnations on the corners. This competition is open to anyone between 18 and 35 years old.

The entry just managed to hold two stacks of cages, eight feet by six, each about five feet tall. For five foggy, terrifying seconds I was sure my bride had reneged, fled down the fire escape. All this is well-documented, but I can never convince myself it happened.