Here, you will find important instructions about the exercise as well as your role, the time, and the questions that you are about to solve. Brain dominance and personality types were new things for me” Mr. Dates 31 October ; Here, you are to lecture a presentation in front of two EU assessors. Do not overburden yourself and the marker by writing long-winded sentences that may not see the end of the day. Here is a sample of the assignment from EPSO: Head of Unit instructions; EU officials interactions with regards to decision-making situations ; EU directives and regulations related to the profile-orientated problem arised; Internal Working Papers i.

Here, you are to lecture a presentation in front of two EU assessors. Improve Your Writing — Brush up on your writing skills. In fact, it is one of the most vital component whenever you enter an EPSO competition. In order to practice what you have just learned, then a good mock case study is for you. Phases of your Oral Presentation Simulation package: Here, you can see the skeleton and an overview of your essay. Our sample case studies for any given field of expertise consist of:

EPSO Oral and Case Study | EPSO Case Study

To give you a rough view, assistants at the EU institutions will typically be engaged in an executive or technical role in administration, finance, communication, research, or policy development and implementation. But this does not mean that you must not give it your all.

Here is a mock case study from EPSO: All you need to do is get yourself familiarized with the tasks at hand from the perspective of a future administrator at an EU institution. Essay — After you have received and carefully read the assignment, it is caze time that you proceed to writing the essay.


Furthermore, those competitions where the professional competencies are only scored with the Case Study, then your score has to exceed the pass mark. The recommended structure that you may apply in the case study goes like this: Moving back, the Case Study is not eliminatory—unlike some of the tests you have to take.

EPSO Case Study: A Quick Guide

As for the CBT phase, you need to prepare the Assessment Center to increase your chances of succeed and be amongst the best candidates. Assessment delivery will take up to 7 working days although we normally deliver within 24 — 48 hours. No, it means that we are up-dated on the latest directives, policies and projects within the European Commission and all EU Directorate-Generals and EU bodies and Institutions.

E-mail your video to us. Though computer-based, you must take note that some competitions ask candidates to produce a hand-written document. Our vase package for the AD Case Study is composed of: What do you get in your AD Case Study simulation? Make sure that your sentences are understandable and serve their purpose.

One of those is the case study. In the case study exam, you will be given a number of background documents in order to simulate a frequent task for EU official: Our sample case studies for any given field of expertise consist of: Prioritising and Organising — the ability to prioritise the important tasks, work flexibly, and organize own workload efficiently Communicating — the ability to communicate clearly and precisely both orally and in writing.


Furthermore, writing an Introduction and a Conclusion will give the impression that you are not pressed for time since it rounds the essay with a beginning and an end. Phases of your Oral Presentation Simulation package: Plan Your Time — Though the competition already has a time limit, you must set the given time properly as well.

Get prepared for your aptitude tests! Through the case study, EPSO is assessing your ability to apply your knowledge in the profile selected, but also focuses on the core competencies: This way, you can correct some typos while eliminate those that do not serve your essay.

epso case study simulation

What are the competencies assessed in the Case Study? It is time then to test your general and specific competencies through four tests. Basic, Spso and Expert. This structure will easily show your answers to the markers.

EPSO Case Study

However in order to be able to organize the course the materials and presentation will be in English. After contending with a number of selection procedures, you have finally come and passed through the first initial tests.

epso case study simulation

Who can use this Case Study Simulation? The reason why the case study is special in the assessment system. Now, what are the competencies that you need to focus on when taking this particular test?

The essay is the most important component of this test; therefore, it must be delivered with utmost clarity.