It doesn’t only talk about Iran and its system but education in general. None of this is problematic or deceptive or even interesting, really, in the overall scheme of things. Said homework is found to be perplexingly difficult, heavy in load, and more often than not composed of busy-work drills. The movie revolves around the life of a tax collector who is accused of taking bribes, and also has to deal with problems at home, including the suicide attempt of his wife. The Wind Will Carry Us

The teacher can’t find the person who did that, so he decides to dismiss a group of students Edit Storyline In this documentary, Kiarostami asks a number of students about their school homework. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What emerges from this hour-long doc, consisting mostly of interviews with kids, is that the role of Iranian children is one of a scapegoat for any and all household problems. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. What I personally got from this documentary is that the Iranian educational system relies very much on obedience and submissiveness.

They accidentally betray who punishes them, the objects used in the beating, and its frequency.

homework abbas kiarostami

The daily hard life of a kid working in a photo shop, and tries to get closer to the girl he like. Instead of acknowledging the hardships placed on children in completing their homework they are physically punished at school if their homework kiarosrami incompletemany parents are quick to blame their kids for not acing every single test.

A Discovery of Witches. A deeply uncomfortable interview-documentary between Kiarostami decked out in intimidating sunglasses and full movie-making mode and school children, this film exposes ineffectual methods, troubled home lives, and an undercurrent of militaristic jingoism from the mouths of babes.


homework abbas kiarostami

Because teachers demand that students essentially teach themselves at home, homework absolutely requires the supervision of an older family member. Reality is, of course, unclear here, but there are moments of horror as what would now be termed child abuse is described over and over again–no matter how staged it is, it’s clearly inspired by some actuality. While the teacher is faced towards avbas blackboard, one of the students makes some funny noises.

What I personally got from this documentary is that the Iranian uomework system relies very much on obedience and submissiveness. These children have been taught to lie, but they are too young to understand nuance to effectively pull off deception. In the meanwhile the film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result. Review by Sally Jane Black 1.

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The tailor’s apprentice, together with two other teenage boys who work in the same building, devise a Movie Info In this documentary, Iranian schoolboys complain about the amount of homework they have to do. But in Iranian society in the s, Kiarostami argues, homework is much more than a chore: A brilliant bit of insight into abbad Iranian culture and the fundamental quandaries of education. Review by Matt Mansfield.

Homework () by Abbas Kiarostami | Iranian Film Empire

A hundred and fourteen famous Iranian theater and cinema actresses and a French star: In this documentary a citizen is trying in a street of Tehran homwwork control the traffic and not let people to break the law which cause them to react differently and lead to funny situations. Kiarostami says he surveyed students, parents and teachers, in order to unearth the difficulties children experience in completing their assignments.


You want to believe these sort of things are a matter of history now, but I doubt it is much, in Iran or in America. View All Critic Reviews 1.

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Confrontation between what kids are and what they are raised to be is cleverly contrasted between turns in front of camera and takes where kids don’t know that camera or authority is following them.

Wonders in the Dark Cinema, music, opera, books, television, kiarostaji. It is yomework whipping post that provides parents and teachers with a convenient excuse to mistreat children.

This creates tension in the home and leads to a lot of punishment – much of which sounds quite severe. Cinema Talk film-related musings There are repeated abbbas of the camera operator focusing a lens without any onscreen sound that were kiarostamj thrown in after shooting. A Suit for Wedding And Life Goes On Kiarostami asks most of the children about punishment, and while many are too shy initially, they almost always open up about who punishes themthe objects used in the beating, and its frequency.

The answers of some children shows the darker side of this method of education. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free!