It too is doomed to fail especially the Air Asia partnership. Case studies research means single and multiple case studies, can include quantitative evidence, relies on multiple sources of evidence and benefits from the prior development of theoretical propositions. In hindsight, doing an all-cash deal funded by debt may have been a big mistake. Tata and Corus merger Tata acquired Corus, which is four times larger than its size and the largest steel producer in the U. Tata Steel also manufactures Ferro-chrome and Ferro-manganese products from its integrated chrome ore mines, and other products such as bearings. Hindustan Lever is one pertinent example whose growth is significantly contributed by mergers and acquisitions.

It provides a framework for the evaluation. An abridged version of this column appeared in Business Standard. Deal analyses are always done with the advantage of hindsight. Here’s a sample Sign-up for our newsletter Subscribe. After taking over, the Tatas chose a hands-off strategy. An acquisition may be friendly or hostile.

I don’t remember IG being so critical then After all, the Tatas were buying an entity that was nearly four times the size of Tata Steel.

It is predicted that this trend will continue in the future, due to the country’s economic and political environment. Furthermore, with its wire manufacturing facilities in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, Tata Steel intends to play a significant role in the global wire business.

India also faces certain challenges while going for acquisitions in the global markets.

Merger of Tata Steel And Corus |authorSTREAM

The present study attempts to examine the short run as well as long run impact of mergers in India. After taking over, the Tatas chose a hands-off strategy. Corus’ expertise in making the grades of steel used in automobiles and in aerospace could be used to boost Tata Steel’s supplies to the Indian automobile market.


The studies during recent times have more focus on long run performance of acquiring firms. Was this article useful? Review of literature Joy et al. Strategy and Innovation Print this.

To make matters worse, the cost of power in UK was high, taga many of its plants were significantly over-manned and pushing through job cuts sttudy stoutly opposed by the unions. It gives some idea to the readers as to how well the companies in the emerging market are expanding overseas to become multinationals.

It gives leads to the readers in many directions and the case can hence be analyzed from two angles viz. The trends of mergers and acquisitions in India have changed over the years. The long products comprise value-added finished products such as wires, wire rods and merchant bars, and also semi-finished products in the form of billets [4].

merger of tata steel and corus case study

India has also seen periods of four merger wave since s. Except that the price of that approach showed up a decade later, when losses in UK exceeded a million pounds a day.

The results show that mergers do not lead to improved performance corua there is persistence profitability of firms indicating it is not affected by mergers. Case study is a research methodology based on an in-depth study of a single individual, group or event. Achieving Global Growth through Acquisition: The analysis will be done on the basis of primary and secondary data available and with the help ratio analysis and paired t-test for comparison.


No day plans.

merger of tata steel and corus case study

Within four years of its launch, Forbes India became the most influential magazine in its space. Case Study Volumes Collection.

merger of tata steel and corus case study

Inwhen the deal was started the price per share was pence. Building and Construction was the largest market sector for Corus [8]. After stee acquiring Corus, Tata Steel became fifth largest producer of steel in the world, up from fifty sixth positions.

Presentation Description No description available. UK steel had serious raw material security challenges. So it can be concluded that because of the high debt deal the shareholders and the investors were reluctant to the deal but the synergies of the deal resulted positively for the Tata thus increasing the share prices and the ratios for the sstudy.

Tata Steel’s Acquisition of Corus

Multiple regression analysis has been done to identify the factors which have led to changes in profitability of the firms. Shiv S Tripathi Author. This acquisition was the biggest overseas acquisition by an Indian company.

Such actions are commonly voluntary and involve stock swap or cash payment to the target. Moreover, since the acquisition was done through an all cash deal, analysts said that the acquisition would coris a financial burden for Tata Steel.