I did not know the conditions here. Alden, Dauril, The Making of an Enterprise: June 5 is the Environmental Day. I am sure we would have improved more if we lived in Jaffna. I am the 3rd child in the family.

They formally invite them to the wedding. Travellers are usually accompanied by a soldier. He had no problems, it was his wife. We are tired after coming here. He asked me whether there were people to do tinkering. There were many palmyrah trees, and we used to buy these eatables made from palmyrah seeds.

I told him that I would do it from home, and I asked him to get the things there for me to fix them.

Jaffna while coming from the centre of the town, number will be on to your left. Elephant Pass is an isthmus that links the northern mainland known as Wanni with the Jaffna Peninsula.

my hometown jaffna essay

The initiatives will facilitate the cultural, educational, municipal, business, professional and technical exchanges and projects among the sister cities. Follow the itinerary to go to Fort Urundi.

Tell us about our home town

Take the road on the left to go to the entrance. My father was working with work related to fixing iron.

my hometown jaffna essay

Archived from the original on 21 October More about Naguleswaram Temple. My house My house is big. I knew people like Sree, Rajan and Thurairatnam.


Two annual festivals are held here. My mother and my mother in law came in time. Unfortunately the war has destroyed many of these palms and their trunks can be seen in the constructions of guard posts, watch hometodn, etc. Indus script among Dravidian speakers. I am doing my business as well.

The imposing Raja Gopuram main entrance tower by the road side on the western hall depicts events in the history of the temple.

I could not meet anybody else.

my hometown jaffna essay

I was born in Jaffna, I am a part essat that land. The original temple is believed to have been built by King Bhuvaneka Bahu in the period They got them down from Mankumban. All of them lived close to our house. Economy of the conflict zone in Sri Lanka: We ate certain rice called Puluggu rice, which was our favourite. We only had 1 child at that time, and he was a 1 year old baby.

Young Beautiful Jaffna Sri Lanka, She is Still a Virgin

There was a 24 hour transport service. It is situated in the Kayts road. Do you have any tips to help fix this issue? The Jaffna Fort, the second largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka, is located immediately south of the Jaffna town, with the southern side bounded by the shallow waters of Jaffna lagoon, the inlet of the Indian Ocean that carves out the Jaffna Peninsula.


I guess, You can not give land mark as temple for any body in Jaffna as you find more temples than shops. There is the fragment of a torso which could be esaay same Pieris describes in his papers.

This can be due to caste jsffna a person or wealth of the person. Suggested Jaffna itinerary This sample itinerary will give you an idea of what is possible when you travel in Jaffna, and showcases routes essay know work particularly well.

Then we thought about Anuradhapura. I can only do that. She journeyed to Keerimalai Spring which was reputed for its therapeutic properties.