Please indicate your reaction to each statement by ticking the appropriate cell Job satisfaction factors Strongly Agree Neither Disagree Strongly agree agree Disagree nor disagree 1. You may create a section on definition and measurement of the term productivity, another section on previous research that investigated the factors affecting productivity rate, another on previous productivity models, etc. Comparing quantitative and qualitative research From the above discussion you might have noticed a number of contrasting features of quantitative and qualitative research. Approaches to data collection 41 3 Expect the research questions to evolve and change during the study, a thought also consistent with the assumption of an emerging design. They may answer according to their public profile rather than the underlying corporate reality. Number 1 indicates total dissatisfaction, and number 5 stands for complete satisfaction. The contents of Chapter 6 are illustrated in Figure 6.

However, they both register the same details. Another criticism has been that there may not be adequate time to assess the details of the dispute Naughton, Trade journals, newspapers and magazines These are mass media sources of information which often summarise research or provide views on a particular subject. The beginning of sub-question. Stewart and Kamins , p.

Introduction This chapter has idssertation a general introduction to dissertation research and out- lines the main aims and objectives of the book. But here are some quantitative questions: It can be both descriptive and analytical. Most of the starting-points contain many issues and suggest many different avenues of research.

The aims and objectives for conducting a dissertation are therefore: Bryman provides a useful list of differences between the two research strategies. Here, the interview technique is usually selected as a method of data collection see Chapter 5. As mentioned earlier, analytical research means that you have identified an element that causes, affects or has an influence on another element. S G Naoum Publisher: Analysis and presentation of the results — 7.


A better way is to narrow it down and investigate job satisfaction of operatives who are working for small-size firms.

In all cases a sample has to be drawn from its population. The answers to these types of questions, although they can be assumed by the researcher and they dissegtation acceptable at the level of students reading this book, may not be totally adequate. Measurements and probability 95 Ratio scale The ratio scale is similar to the interval scale except it involves the kind disseration numerical scale which has a natural zero such as age, salary, time and distance.

The second step is to write your initial proposal following the instructions given in this chapter see Appendix 1 for examples. These are not usually shown in the questionnaire but are included here for your own use at the analysis stage.

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Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Designing the research involves the following activities: They give the information needed to trace an article, i.

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For example, a researcher might state that traditional contracts will most probably overrun on cost. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

naoum 2013 dissertation

While this may happen, the advantage of lower costs expended will reduce this risk. Quantitative data is, therefore, not abstract, they noum hard and reliable; they are measurements of tangible, countable, sensate features of the world Bouma and Atkinson, It has to be stressed, however, that data collection does not necessarily depend on one method or technique. It is advisable to conduct a pilot study to test the wording of the questions, check the length of the questionnaire and make sure that the questions are not ambiguous.


Sometimes appropriately, there the non-verbal communication should be no bias. The frequency distribution and the terms associated with it will be discussed in Chapter 8. nalum

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In this sense, you may conclude that site managers are not aware of how important motivation can be to improve site productivity. Alternatively, the research subject might cover an office procedure or the appraisal of baoum particular system. Is MC quicker during construction?

naoum 2013 dissertation

Remember me on this computer. Some of the data may be quantified afterwards, but the analysis is qualitative.

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An object is referred to as an attribute, variable, factor or question. It covers issues such as the selection of a dissertation topic, writing a proposal, conduct- ing a literature review, selecting the research approach, devising research instruments, collecting information, analysing and presenting information and producing a well-written dissertation.

See Appendix 2 for more journals.