I have looked on many things on talk talk on My Account. Many, but not all, P2P BitTorrent indexes not only contain links to ” illegal ” copyright content but also to pornography and other adult material. I could do it so I know they or rather Huawei-Symantec could. HomeSafe, which launched on Monday as a free and crucially optional service to the ISPs subscribers, is designed to automatically protect customers and their children from bad websites e. Many users are surprised to find that Facebook and YouTube are blocked at those times. What age is your child?

Your browser does not support iframes. You need to login to your TalkTalk account and access My Account. It also comes as online suicide and self-harm websites remain in the news after Joanne Lee and Stephen Lumb were discovered in a fume-filled car last year , hours after meeting online and agreeing a suicide pact. I can recommend the following two: The system has attracted some added controversy for employing technology from the Chinese group Huawei. TalkTalk or any other service could never be able to identify and block all of them in sufficient time.

Oh yes and when did this happen I asked? Read our cookie policy to find out how they used. Does this service even work at all?

talktalk homesafe homework

Customers have no way of opting-out of this surveillance. The system can only categorise and detect viruses and malware on pure HTTP sites. How long do I have to cancel. However, aside from the already significant controversy over how the service intercepts its own customers URL website visits apparently regardless of whether or not you have opted-in to use HomeSafe – more on that hereit was soon discovered that the system also blocked ” filesharing ” websites too e.


When BT and Phorm tried to introduce their behavioural targeting advertising system they realised that they had to give some incentive to the customer.

Homework time is a good feature but this element is not explained carefully enough.

TalkTalk online security system attracts few takers

The slowing take-up follows HomeSafe featuring prominently in TalkTalk’s recent advertising campaign which attempted to attract customers by plugging “the UK’s safest broadband”. What are you most concerned about or would like more advice on: Should allow adding sites to blacklist and whitelist also. I totally agree with all the above but worse than that.

Does anyone know where I can raise a complaint with TalkTalk regarding a false positive on my website http: New malware sites, gambling and pornography sites are being created every minute on the internet.

talktalk homesafe homework

If they do not sort this out, they will lose this customer!!! Your browsing will still be tracked wherever you go. Age View online safety age guides to learn about online risks Learn more. I cannot even access the euro millions site FFS! Our access to many websites like facebook, youtube and many other common webpages is blocked by homesafe. But can you trust them after they performed illegal trials without informing anyone? Google store much more information the what pages you vist and these are not linked to you so are untraceable.


Kids are not stupid. I managed himework disable it by going into my account, selecting off even though they were all set to off anyway and then restarting both my computer and router.

Controls & Settings guide

What do I need? Virus alerts The alerts you’ll get warn everyone from opening websites infected with viruses. More to explore Here are more resources to help you keep your child safe online.

The mouth-piece of homesfae 2 said TalkTalk had upgraded my line homesfae faster broadband. Been trying for two days to dump the crock of crap and cant. Keeping kids safe online You can choose the kinds of websites to block automatically without slowing down your broadband.

UK ISP TalkTalk Accused of Abusing HomeSafe Service to Censor News Website − ISPreview UK News

Explore our Wi-Fi Hub. Read the parent’s tech guide. They will talk up the benefits of HomeSafe, and that it can be turned off and on thus appeasing the ICObut they do not say that near enough every web page a TalkTalk customer visits is then visited a few moments later by the TalkTalk bot.

As it is driving me mad. Homewprk grateful that Homesace have at least got something right in blocking facebook.